About Us

Founded in 2013, Military Mode have been publishing books for collectors and museums. Many platforms of knowledge exist in the market place for historians however, for collectors of Military History Artifacts, the avenue is rather more niche. Coming from a long standing background of handling such items over the last 50 years, the founder of Military Mode has been able to link the contacts, collectors and insight of what the enthusiast want to see.

In the last 12 years Military Mode have published 24 books, many now sold out and considered collectable in themselves. Naturally, the designs and product has improved, as experienced designers have come on board. The aim of Military Mode has always been to bring high resolution, close up images to life through print. For many, these items are ‘out of reach’ in terms of ownership, Military Mode’s concept, gives the reader the feeling of holding these items in their hands and is a valuable tool in educating the collecting community.