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Military Mode

British Airborne Headdress Book

British Airborne Headdress Book

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Introducing Military Mode's British Airborne headdress spanning 260 pages of unparalleled detail and visual richness. With a focus on British Airborne soldiers' headwear, this expansive volume showcases a treasure trove of rare items captured in the highest resolution photography.

From the iconic maroon beret to steel helmets and their modern-day counterparts, this book leaves no stone unturned in its exploration of airborne headgear. Readers will delve into the world of training helmets, glider helmets, combat caps, slouch hats, boonie hats, as well as arctic and tropical headwear, uncovering the diverse array of headgear worn by British Airborne soldiers throughout history.

Many of the items featured in this volume have never been published before, making this a truly ground breaking resource for enthusiasts and collectors alike. With provenance preserved in various museum inventories and contributions from some of the most advanced collections, each page offers a glimpse into the rich and exciting world of British Airborne headwear.

Order your copy today and immerse yourself in the history and heritage of British Airborne soldiers through their iconic headwear.

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