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Campaign 1914 (Volume One) Book

Campaign 1914 (Volume One) Book

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Introducing the eagerly anticipated first volume in a ground breaking 5-part series: Campaign. Authored by experienced collector and historian Chris Pollendine, this outstanding work offers an in-depth exploration of the uniforms and equipment worn by British soldiers during World War I.

With over 200 pages of high-resolution images, Volume 1 alone provides a wealth of visual information supported by accurate data. Drawing from his own extensive collection and collaborating with leading   worldwide, Pollendine presents a comprehensive pictorial encyclopedia covering headdress, tunics, webbing, footwear, and ephemera.

Presented in a durable hardback format, this volume mirrors the esteemed Feldzug series, offering a visually stunning and informative presentation. As the anniversary of the First World War approaches, Campaign 1914 stands out as an invaluable resource, enlightening historians and collectors alike to the finer details of garments and memorabilia worn and used by the men who fought during this tragic period.

Amidst the multitude of books, films, and television programs commemorating the Great War, this manuscript promises to provide unparalleled insight into the lives of those who served. Don't miss your chance to own this essential addition to your library. Order your copy of Volume 1 today and embark on a journey through the history of World War I like never before. Volume 3-5 are yet to be released.

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